Why use family mediation?

Why use family mediation? Because there are many benefits opposed to going to court

Family mediation works because you stay in control of decisions about the things that are important to you and your family.

Our family mediator, Samantha Lee, is trained and qualified to help you to plan for the future and reach decisions without having to go to court – saving you time, money and stress.

Mediation enables you the time and space to think about what is in the best interests for your family.

Even if you don’t have children, mediation works to deal with money, options about where you will live and planning future finances.

The Government has introduced legislation which says if you are considering court action about disputes involving children and finances, you must attend a mediation meeting to see if this can help reach a resolution.

Why use family mediation?

The benefits of using Family Mediation can be huge:

  • It can be less expensive and take less time than traditional solicitor led approaches

Research suggests that family mediation is less expensive and can take less time than tradition court based proceedings which are led by solicitors.

The ‘Which’ Guide to Divorce says,

‘Couples who have successfully resolved their disputes wisely, efficiently and cost effectively through mediation certainly need no convincing of it’s benefits in comparison to costly, time consuming, antagonistic litigation processes which lead to only superficial victories.’

Mediation encourages co-operation and direct communication to reduce time and costs.

  • Communication is resumed and can reduce hostility

Mediation encourages communication between you as the aim is to get you both in a room with a mediator and openly and honestly communicate about children and financial issues.

Family mediation maintains a focus on the needs of your whole family and the future so is often a gentler approach to family disputes than litigation.

  • You have control as the decision is made by you

In family mediation, you maintain control of the decisions made and agreements fit your particular circumstances rather than giving the control to a Judge and having an arrangement imposed on you.

With help from the mediator, you will focus discussions and agreements around the best interests of your whole family.

  • It is less stressful than a court battle

Family disputes can be emotionally traumatic and tiring.

Litigation can often exaggerate already raw emotions.

Family mediation encourages communication and tends to help you navigate through difficult issues and reach amicable agreements.

  • It is good for children

As parents, whether you are together or not, you will always be in each other’s lives.

Research suggests that children are harmed when exposed to parental conflict.

Family mediation helps protect and nurture the relationship between parents as they go through divorce, and encourages communication and cooperation.

It is hoped that by seeing their parents positively achieving this children will have a more positive experience during an emotionally difficult time.

  • Low risk option

Family mediation does not mean the right to go to court is given up.

If family mediation fails, you can still instruct solicitors to go to court. You can use the information provided in mediation so the time is not wasted.

You are also not alone. The family mediator will help to guide you through issues and if needed will encourage you to get advice from solicitors, financial advisors, accountants or other relevant professionals.