How does Family Mediation work?

Swain & Co Family Mediation Service in Hampshire explains: How does family mediation work?

How does Family Mediation work? | Swain & Co Family Mediation Service

Mediation is a process for you and your former partner to meet with an independent third party to discuss the issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship whether this relates to financial issues or the arrangements for your children.

How many meetings?

In general, the family mediation process takes 3 or 4 meetings.

In the early stages of financial cases, both of you will provide full disclosure in a form that is easy to handle. Once you have verified the information with one another, a mediator will help you set an agenda of the issues you wish to resolve together.


You will be taken through the agenda that you set in a focussed way with the goal to help you reach your own solutions.

If solutions are reached the proposals are formulated into a Memorandum of Understanding, which is not binding at this stage, but will enable you both to take legal advice.

To make the agreement final and legally binding, legal advice needs to be sought and a solicitor will incorporate the terms into an Order.

Usually there is no need for you or your ex-partner to attend Court, and your solicitors will handle the Order for you.

How long will it take?

The family mediation process will take around 2-3 months, but it very much depends on the issues that need to be resolved.

Low risk option

Mediation is a voluntary process and if things should break down then other ways of resolving disputes can continue.

It is entirely confidential and discussions are not binding and cannot be shown to another person.

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