Mediation for Grandparents

Swain & Co Family Mediation Service offers Mediation for Grandparents in Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey

Grandparents often play a vital role in children’s lives, providing both practical and emotional support.

But, when parents separate or divorce, grandparents may find themselves losing contact with their grandchildren – Mediation for Grandparents could help.

The Grandparent’s Association estimates that 1 million children have lost contact with their grandparents through parental divorce, separation, a family feud or adoption.

How can mediation help grandparents?

When a relationship between parents and grandparents has broken down, family mediation for grandparents can offer an informal, flexible and confidential method to re-establish contact with grandchildren, out of court.

Court can often have a negative impact on the future relationship within families.

Within the family mediation process the parties will explore issues around the breakdown of the relationship, establish realistic expectations of both sides and develop the possibilities of restoring contact that is workable for all parties and in the interests of the children.

Family mediation for grandparents is readily available and is a less acrimonious way to resolve family disputes than going to court.

Professor Ann Buchanan concluded in a widely acclaimed survey, which interviewed 1596 children, that:

“At times of family breakdown and separation, many grandparents played an important role in bringing stability to their grandchildren. Grandparents were also found to be important in times of family adversity and appeared to help the whole family buffer the difficulties.”

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