Supporting a New Way in Family Law

Resolution, the representative group promoting a constructive approach to resolving family disputes, have launched a new manifesto – let’s spread the word!

Family disputes have historically been characterised by bitter fighting in court and spending endless amounts of money on lawyers. However, members of Resolution have for a long time been promoting #abetterway and promoting a more constructive approach to family disputes.

#abetterway was used throughout Dispute Resolution Week to promote the use of mediation and it attracted a significant amount of media coverage.

Resolution has now launched a #familylawmanifesto – which can be found here: to continue to promote amicable approaches to family separation including:

1.Protect vulnerable people going through separation, by providing initial legal advice and reforming the Child Maintenance system

2.Introduce measures to help separating people reach agreements out of court

3.Introduce a Parenting Charter to help parents understand their responsibilities when they separate

4.Allow people to divorce without blame

5.Help people understand how their divorce will affect their future finances

6.Provide at least basic legal rights for couples who live together if they separate

At Swain & Co Family Mediation we are committed to #abetterway and the #familylawmanifesto. Samantha Lee, Solicitor and family mediator says, “I have been a member of Resolution for a long time and it helps to focus the mind of professionals to be creative in thinking of ways to help people resolve their differences in the least acrimonious way possible. Mediation is a perfect example whereby the control remains in your hands and not in the hands of a Judge”

Mediation can provide a safe environment to discuss issues that arise on separation. You can discuss with us whether mediation is suitable for you first – contact us today – 023 92474040.