Millennium babies more likely to experience parents separating

An extensive survey has shown that 4 out of 10 children born in 2000 will experience their parents separating by the time they are 11 years old.

The survey was conducted and compared to a similar survey carried out in 1969 and, unsurprisingly, shows a significant increase in the number of separated families.

The survey highlights that the majority of separated parents are those who were not married. The analysis suggests that married couples tend to be more educated, wealthier and more likely to work at their relationship than cohabiting couples.

The report highlighted concerns about increasing number of separations and the impact this is having on children. One in seven children will experience more than one family breakdown before they are 11.

Samantha Lee, Solicitor and family mediator say, “There are many reasons for the change in statistics over the years, from the stigma of separation changing to the wealth of information available to people to make more informed decisions. What is key is that separation does not have to be traumatic if handled well. The more united front parents can show their children, the more stable they will feel about their new lives with their separated parents. Being able to discuss the arrangements and agree it together is key to this.”

Mediation provides an environment for you to discuss the arrangments away from the children in a safe place. The mediator will assist you to come to arrangements that you are both happy with and are best for your children.

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