“Easily settled” case runs up costs of £920k in bitter court battle

A couple racked up legal fees totalling a third of their assets in a bitter legal battle, ending in a 7 day trial.

The Judge commented that the case could have been “easily settled” and that he was “lost for words” in relation to the costs that were accumulated.

It had taken this family 18 years to build up their assets and within a couple of years of fighting, they had depleted a third of it.

Samantha Lee, Solicitor and family mediator, says, “It is easy for couples of get embroiled in laying blame, but if you take a step back and take a constructive approach it will save time, money and a lot of stress. Mediation puts the power back in your hands and you control the outcome, not a judge or your lawyer. Accumulating costs of that magnitude is ridiculous”

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