Another successful Dispute Resolution week for Swain & Co

23 – 27 November 2015 was Dispute Resolution (DR) week. This is a campaign lead by practioners’ group, Resolution, to promote the use of alternative methods of dispute resolution. The message of this year’s campaign was #childrenfirst.

It is easy to become embroiled in the emotional turmoil of a separation and for children to get caught up in the middle. Separation is a difficult time and sometimes the effect it has on children is not noticed until it is too late.

This campaign aimed to highlight the aim of Resolution practioners, which is to put #childrenfirst when going through separation and divorce so that best outcomes are achieved for the whole family.

At Swain & Co Solicitors, we focus on the needs of the children of the family and consider the impact of arrangements on them.

Samantha Lee, mediator and experienced family Solicitor says “During mediation we will look at the arrangements for children first. By both parties focusing on their children, they are united in wanting to do the best for them and it can help to reach a more robust agreement that will work for the family.”

“Court imposed orders are not as successful as agreements people have reached together as the Judge does not know the intricacies of each family and cannot always take account of everyone’s individual needs. The more people can sort out between themselves, the better for everyone.”

You can have an individual meeting with a mediator on your own first (called a MIAM ) to see if mediation is suitable for you. If it is, a joint meeting can then be set up.

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