Child section

Child Section for children facing family mediation

Whatever happens when your parents divorce or separate, your needs will come first

If you are reading this page, it is likely it is because your parents have decided that they cannot live together anymore.

There are many reasons why parents split up, but you must remember that it is not your fault and is often because one or both of your parents is unhappy.

This can be a very confusing time for you and you may have lots of questions such as:

  • Why are Mum and Dad angry?
  • Where will I live?
  • Do my parents still love me?
  • Who can I talk to?

You may also feel upset, lonely, angry or confused. It is ok to feel this way and talking to other people about how you feel may help, such as friends or teachers.

It might help to talk to your parents about how you are feeling to help them understand how their split is affecting you.

If your parents agree, you can also talk to us.

We are friendly, easy to talk to and care about what you have to say.

We will see you separately from your parents and if you have brothers and sisters you can decide whether you want to talk to us with them or without them.

There will be no pressure on you and we will not tell you what to do or ask you to make any decisions.

We will listen to you and help you to make sense of what is happening between your parents.